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For as long as I can remember I've loved the spoken and written word. Whether it be poetry, blogging, or just journaling. I've always loved reading and writing. For many years, I'd been neglecting my love of writing due to life in general and now looking back, I realize that I may have passed so many opportunities to share my thoughts with everyone willing to listen. The last couple of weeks have been a much needed hiatus for me from creating. I now know that although I love what I do and I love sharing my outlooks and emotions, sometimes thought collection is necessary to continue on my journey. Our minds and spirits need time to heal the same as an outward wound does. I ignored the signs of this for some time until I had no choice but to take a much needed rest session. This will not happen again. I will listen to the signs and signals that my body provides alerting me that my proverbial cup is nearly empty. Take the time to listen to your inner clock and respect your mind and body as you would any other instrument that you cherish. ~ T

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