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Feel Good Friday - Blessings❤️❤️

I woke up angry this rising. The moment my clock went off, I was ready to throw it out the window. After grumbling for a few minutes, I dragged myself out of bed to start getting ready for my day. All I could think about was all of the negativity I've had to overcome for the past few weeks. As I was doing this, Spirit spoke to me and said, "You prayed for this, now continue to work for it." It was like a strong slap in the face from the Spiritual realm. The time that I'd wasted moaning and complaining could have been spent mediating and rejoicing over the blessings I've been afforded. So often we forget how far we have come and how fortunate we are. At this very moment, there are people taking their last breaths in this earthly realm. Never allow self-pity and doubt cloud your view of the gifts you have received and the ones to come. When we were ushered into this life, we were not given the promise of smooth travels the entire way. Press through every twist and turn in the journey and keep your eyes on the prize. You'll get there.

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