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Five Seconds

I remember something that happened to me many years ago. I had a job that I thought I really wanted. Landing this job was one of the best things that happened to me (or so I thought). This is probably one of the first places I truly experienced bullying as an adult. I noticed that little things were being said that no one should have known besides me and a friend of mine that worked there. I later found out she was distributing all the information I told her to others in our workplace. I was also dealing with depression and other psychological issues at that time so getting myself up and presentable wasn't always easy. Some days, I know I looked like I had just dragged myself out of bed and come in and I probably had. I came to despise that place. Just pulling into the parking lot and coming through the doors gave me anxiety. During this time, I felt I had no one to reach out to. Honestly, a kind word from someone would have meant so much and showed me that someone cared. In today's society, we forget that everyone is going through something. It could be the loss of a loved one, financial worries, insecurities, or a dozen other things. When you see someone that seems to be having a bad day, give them a smile or just offer a listening ear. Neither of these things cost anything. You can turn around someone's entire day in just five seconds.

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