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How Do You Spend Your Days Off?

I know we've touched on this quite a bit but it's so important that it deserves extra attention. With today being Friday and the weekend right around the corner, I felt like it would be a great time to discuss the importance of using your off days to reset. I know that I tend to do one of two things on those precious days off. I either make it a pajama day and lounge around the house or I spend the days catching upon everything that didn't get done through the week. I always felt as if I was wasting the day if I wasn't doing something. I would have guilt over feeling lazy or unproductive rather than using these days to catch up on rest and enjoying things that I may not have time for through the week. I am finally getting to a point in my life where I refuse to feel guilty about taking care of me. Know that you are worth taking the time to pamper and love on. It took me awhile but I know I am. ~ T

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