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Just Jump

It took so long to decide what I wanted to write. As I would attempt to put pen to paper, or should I say fingers to keys, I wondered what would be the perfect subject to engage my audience as well as the perfect time to post it. As I thought about this, I had a wonderful revelation. There is no perfect time or subject. Time is constant and perfection is objective. Waiting for the ideal moment would be like trying to find a flawless blade of grass in a field of a million. While we count the minutes, we are missing the brilliance of each second. We are making memories every moment of every day. As children, many of us, myself included, loved jumping rope. There was nothing like the feeling of having a friend on each end of the rope while I rocked back and forth waiting for the exact moment to jump in and adapt to the rhythm of the rope turning. I would be so incredibly proud when my timing is perfect and quite embarrassed when it wasn't and we had to start all over again. Sometimes fear of being hit by the rope or whatever we happened to be using caused me not to want to play at all. We tend to do this so much in our life's journey. We fear the possible emotional bump or bruise that we may encounter on our way to our destination. Instead of avoidance and fear, we must be willing to jump in and take the chance. It's the only way to find your rhythm. ~ T

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