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Monday Motivation

I decided to try a new creamer for my coffee today. I know this isn’t anything to brag on but hear me out. I am what you would call a creature of habit. I resist change with my entire being and expect the worst when change actually happens so even the thought of trying a new creamer took some time. As I was waiting for the cup to brew, I started thinking about how I would have to throw an entire cup of coffee out if this didn’t taste perfect. I also started to tell myself, “See, this is what happens when you try something new.” These thoughts made me stop and think. Why am I dwelling on the negative rather than the positive? Maybe I’ll love the taste! Maybe it will be the start of something great. So many times we resist change because of what may lie ahead. Just think of all the things you may miss out on by not allowing and embracing something outside of the norm. You may be ending an amazing new beginning before it has a chance to get started. The next time a change presents itself, maybe test it out. You never know, it may be the blessing you’ve been praying for.

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