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What is your motivation? I know what you're thinking, "That's such a broad question." I agree with you. It is definitely a broad question that needs to be broken down a bit in order to truly understand. If you ask most people what is their motivation to go to work, the reason you hear most often is to pay bills or to take care of family. Those things are certainly motivating, however it can take much more than that for us to be truly happy. If we wake up in the morning thinking we are only getting up because we have to pay bills, chances are you're not going to have the best day possible. Allow your motivation to be deeper than the norm. One way to think of it is waking up gives us the ability to build, grow, and accomplish our goals. Even if the day doesn't work out exactly as planned, you still have the opportunity as long as you have the gift of life. Make sure to make your motivation as purpose-driven as possible, and you may see things a lot differently.

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