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I remember hating jigsaw puzzles when I was growing up. I could never get the pieces right and after about an hour or so of trying, I was ready to throw every piece on the floor. In my young mind, it was a waste of time. I used to watch my dad put together one thousand piece puzzles with ease and was a little envious that I couldn't do the same. One issue I had that caused me not to excel in the art of puzzles was once it became difficult, I put it down and moved onto something else. Now in retrospect, I realize that in the center of my aggravation was an important lesson, sometimes you have to continue connecting the pieces until your vision comes together. If you stop at every point of difficulty, you will never get to view the portrait that the Universe has painted for you. While reflecting upon some of the recent events in my life, Spirit dropped an important gem of wisdom, "Sometimes it all has to fall apart in order to be put back together correctly." Don't be afraid of the challenges life has in store, instead cherish the lessons contained in each one. ~ T

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