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When I was on my way home today, there had been an accident ahead of me which required traffic to move into the left lane. As I put on my blinker and began to merge over, a car that was too far back to see what was going on blew their horn because the traffic was no longer moving at the pace they wanted. This person had no idea that there was an emergency situation that required everyone to move over. If they'd taken the time to slow down and focus on the current situation, they would have not made a scene. This scenario made me think. How many times have we attempted to push forward into a less than desirable situation rather than slow down and wait for Spirit to clear the path for us? We rush headlong into what very well may be disaster rather than wait and allow the Road of Life to be made safe. We think we know best instead of being still and listening to the voice whispering in our ear that is trying to steer us in the right direction. As you go through life take the time to be still and listen. Be patient. Sometimes the slower path may be right one. ~ T

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