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The Importance of Self

Many of us have heard the saying “Stop and smell the flowers“? I know that I heard it many times growing up, but never truly understood the meaning until I became an adult. In our fast paced world of technology, we’ve come to believe that everything has to be done in a hurry and that’s simply not true. The flowers spoken of in the saying I referenced do not have to be actual flowers. For me, it means taking time out of my busy day to stop, breathe, and be present in the moment. Not worried about tomorrow or what went wrong yesterday. We can’t turn back time and correct mistakes of the past and we certainly can’t change the future so why not enjoy the present? Take the time to focus on yourself and your goals. Meditate and balance your mind, even if it’s only for five minute. Life has a way of sidetracking us. Stay on course and focus on your goals. You’ve got this!

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